Modular bracelet in 18 kt gold, diamonds and precious stones.

Bright points of light, letters of the alphabet through the symbols that tell a life, are the elements to compose this jewel. Precious, refined and modern, where creativity and imagination meet to create a precious tailor-made piece.

An eclectic selection of items to choose from and match with your own style, to highlight an unforgettable moment and wear it with joy.

Precious bracelets in which to add pieces of life to remember, to plan, to wish. A multitude of shapes, meanings, precious materials, stones and colors.

donnaoro elements

Precious and Unique

Bright and refined, of great style and elegance, a bracelet with letters and numbers is a timeless piece of jewelry that speaks of the person wearing it. A universal and timeless language that holds the intimate code of a deep feeling.

Our creations

A modular bracelet to be enriched with creations to remember every special moment, is something that every woman desires. A very varied collection of iconic jewels that speak of passions, tastes, desires where you can dream.

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