The company

The brand

History, tradition and family, combined with passion are the deep roots of DonnaOro.

The brand was born in 1996 by J.D.O. S.r.l., an established reality in the creation of made in Italy jewelry, where for over twenty years talent and professionalism have come together to create a unique alternative in the jewelry field.

Jewels born to enhance beauty, love and sensuality. Designed to interpret the emotion of a special moment with shapes that are revealed in precious, refined style, outlining a precise position in the world of design, an unmistakable imprint with a typically Italian taste.


DonnaOro ambitious goal is to create the “jewel for all occasions“, to be worn and given as a precious synonym of timeless elegance and seduction.

From research and design evolution,  selection of the best precious stones, quality of manufacture and attention to detail, an unmistakable style is born.

Through its collections, DonnaOro is the spokesperson for a feminine and harmonious language that binds woman and gold in an indissoluble way, guessing the liaison that combines the future with the charm of the classic.

Because there is no woman with no gold, today as tomorrow.

DonnaOro Jewels

DonnaOro sets its collections in the name of the modern reinterpretation of classicism.

The new creations are born from the careful exploration of the world of modernity which, by marrying with the classic aesthetic canons, gives life to unique and unmistakable jewels born to enhance beauty, love and sensuality.

Not only accessories but real protagonists that define the look and give to the woman who wear them a strong, contemporary  identity and at the same time with a timeless charm.

Devoted to Woman

DonnaOro identity is based on experience, love for beauty, exploration of the classic combined with its reinterpretation in a contemporary key. From 25 years DonnaOro jewels tells the feminine elegance and bring the warmth and the marvel of Made in Italy to the world.

Our offices

The headquarters of DonnaOro is located in San Bartolomeo al Mare, in the province of Imperia.

The current headquarters, inaugurated in 2011, covers an area of over 7000 square meters and fully summarizes a new brand concept. A place open to customers, a permanent showroom, a new way of experiencing the relationship with the sales force. In the expansion prospective and control of the main emerging markets, the company is also operating with a branch in Hong Kong as well as with offices in the main cities of reference for the Goldsmith world such as Valenza and “il Tari Goldsmith Center”.