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DONNAORO jewels are born from a unique experience in choosing the rarest precious stones. Attention to detail and passionate workmanship distinguish an unmistakable style. Through its collections, DONNAORO is the spokesperson for a feminine and harmonious language that binds woman and gold in an indissoluble way, guessing the liaison that combines the future with the charm of the classic. Because there is no woman with no gold, today as tomorrow.









  1. La croce del peccato

    An indissoluble bond: DonnaOro and diamonds. A jewel that seduces and transports the eye to the infinity of the sky, in the transparency of the water. Harmonious synthesis of taste, imagination and technique. The jewel that leaves its mark.

  2. Batticuore

    When was the last time you made her lose her mind? The answer is Batticuore, DonnaOro’s most iconic solitaire. Because there is a close link between diamond and love. Because the most beautiful dreams are those that come true.

  3. Infinity

    The Infinity collection is a word of love, a refined gesture to tell a precious feeling. Unique jewels, where personality and romance meet in a bright embrace. With DonnaOro elegance becomes pure emotion.

  4. Diesis

    As melodies that form in a crescendo, as colors and reflections that intertwine, as atmospheres that enchant, so is Diesis. A magical harmony in gold and diamonds.

  5. Battito

    An intense desire, a sweetly feminine emotion. A magical moment in which the most intense beat meets the most delicate emotion. Inspired by Batticuore, the most famous of the DonnaOro solitaires, the elegant Battito collection is made of white gold and diamonds and consists of a pendant, ring and earrings.

  6. Infinito

    Desire of Infinity. DonnaOro welcomes this natural vocation and offers a collection in white gold and diamonds with sinuous, enveloping lines. The infinite lets itself be approached, reached, touched. It is refined elegance, which opens up a glimpse of the absolute.

  7. Incantesimo

    The Incantesimo collection with its shapes enhances the preciousness of the diamond, which is the protagonist set inside carvings that amplify the light.

  8. Effetto

    The architecture of the jewel is studied in every single detail and makes itself available to a dream: to wear a timeless symbol and illuminate the eyes of those who observe it.

  9. Infinito

    An essential and continuous sign reveals the symbol of infinity, built from soft forms, which lives in the dialogue between matter and precious stones.


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